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The Warehouse: A Fine-Dining Experience Near Notch 8

With the tagline of “Alexandria’s Finest Dining,” The Warehouse in Old Town is one of the...

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Treat Your S.O. to Something Sweet From Fleurir Chocolates

Don’t be that poor soul on February 14 looking for the last box of mass-produced chocolates at...

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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home

A lot has changed in the past year. For one thing, staying home became the new going out. That...

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Barkhaus Is a New Dog Park-Meets-Beer Bar in Alexandria

Some of the best nights you’ll ever have will be spent in a bar with friends. You’ll share your...

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Cafe du Soleil: A Taste of Paris Near Notch 8

A European getaway might be completely out of reach right now, but a lovely meal at Cafe du...

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Winter Workout

Working out in the warm months was pretty easy, even with gym closures and other restrictions. The...

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