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The Season Is Always Right for Gelato at Del Rey Boccato

When you hear the phrase, “rustic gelato lounge,” you likely picture scoops of eye-catching Italian desserts, just awaiting the scoop of your spoon. At Del Ray Boccato, you’ll certainly find that. But that isn’t all you have to look forward to. Alongside gelato, you’ll discover empanadas, pastries, coffee, shakes, and other flavorful treats. 

A newer addition to the area, Del Ray Boccato offers one, two, or three scoops of their homemade gelato in flavors like chocolate, pistachio, coffee, and tutti frutti. Perfect for the upcoming warmth of springtime, gelato or one of Boccato’s gelato shakes will be the ideal cool treat. Prefer to warm up? Their coffee menu is a great fit. Sip a cappuccino, americano, macchiato, or espresso (among other delicious drinks) and feel the warmth radiate through your body. Want the best of both worlds? Opt for an affogato or order a hot coffee and cold scoop of gelato side-by-side. 

If you’d rather fill up before you turn to dessert, treat yourself to a dish from Julia’s Empanadas on-site. From Peruvian chicken to beef BBQ, Del Ray Boccato offers empanadas for every palate and additional pastries for when you’d rather mix things up.