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Shop High-Quality Steaks, Sausages and More at Let’s Meat on the Avenue

If you are trying to shop more locally for your meat and poultry, look no farther than Let’s Meat on the Avenue. This local butcher shop serves up the freshest, highest quality, humanely raised meat and poultry around, and they source locally as often as they possibly can! On any given day you can shop for fresh pork, steak, chicken, lamb, and more with featured products like ribs, bacon, wagyu hot dogs, and more.

A favorite feature for many is their weekly sausages menu, filled with handcrafted, uniquely flavored sausages that really spice up dinnertime. Options have featured jalapeno-mezcal chorizo, Irish garlic, sweet Italian, lamb shepherd’s pie, green curry chicken chorizo, and more. Add the sausage to a pasta sauce for a little extra flavor and protein, or eat it on its own with some freshly sauteed veggies. No matter how you choose to use it, it’ll be delicious and super easy to whip up!