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The Warehouse: A Fine-Dining Experience Near Notch 8

With the tagline of “Alexandria’s Finest Dining,” The Warehouse in Old Town is one of the most popular restaurants in the area for good reason. Their historic location combines the casual and the elegant to create a fine dining experience like no other. Thai-born Chef Sert Ruamthong has decades of expertise in not just the American Creole and Cajun dishes you’ll find showcased at The Warehouse, but in French and Asian cuisines as well. 

From broiled lobster strudel and Chesapeake soft shell crab to blackened rib eye and various seasonal desserts, Chef Ruamthong’s menu offers “divine creations” for every occasion. Consider stopping by for a special event, whether you’re celebrating an anniversary with your special someone or you’re commemorating some other occasion. Their expansive menus, specialty drinks, and other offerings ensure there are more than enough options for every guest to enjoy. 

Whether it’s a seafood sampler entree or fresh strawberries with chantilly cream for dessert, this is one Warehouse that’s sure to please.