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Treat Your S.O. to Something Sweet From Fleurir Chocolates

Don’t be that poor soul on February 14 looking for the last box of mass-produced chocolates at your local drugstore. One visit the Fleurir Chocolates now will knock every sweetie off your Valentine’s Day gift list. Fleurir Chocolates specializes in artisanal chocolates made with natural ingredients, and prides itself on design that is as lovely to look at as it is to eat. The chocolates are also made in small batches and finished by hand for a consistent flavor and uniform look. These are some seriously tasty and utterly gorgeous treats. What better place to visit for sweets as unique as your special someone on Valentine’s Day? Choose from painted bon bons in unusual flavor combinations like strawberry mascarpone, pistachio praline rose water, and passion fruit ginger. Yum! Other options include cocoa-covered almond pralines and the popular Alexandria chocolate bars (a great option to pack up and send to far-away friends). 

Find Fleurir Chocolates on South Payne Street, or shop online anytime. Note their revised hours due to the pandemic, and be sure to shop early in anticipation for the Valentine’s holiday!