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Cuddle With Kitties at Mount Purrnon Cat Café and Wine Bar

Whether or not you have a pet of your own, there’s no such thing as too many cuddles from a friendly cat. And, if you’re looking to bring home your new best friend or just take in some extra snuggles while you can, Mount Purrnon Cat Café and Wine Bar will introduce you to your newest feline friends. 

If you aren’t familiar with cat cafés already, the concept is simple. On the one hand, you have a classic café, offering various drinks, snacks, and other foods; on the other, you have an assortment of adoptable cats to meet and befriend. 

Besides its adorable name, Mount Purrnon brings an extra dose of delight with its feline residents, who come to the café through a partnership with Fancy Cats and Dogs Rescue Team. Sales and admission costs go to caring for the cats while the café itself offers plenty of socialization opportunities for the animals as they await their forever homes. 

Adoption information is available on their website but you don’t need to be a potential fur parent to enjoy Mount Purrnon. Like any café, the spot offers a potential change of scenery for those working from home or a particularly cute opportunity for a study break. However you spend your visit, you can soak up plenty of cat time?—and know you’re helping Mount Purrnon find them all the purrfect homes.