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Mount Purrnon, Alexandria’s First Cat Cafe, Is Now Open Near Notch 8

If you’re a “cat person,” you’ve probably already heard: Mount Purrnon, Alexandria’s first and only cat café, is now open! Here, you can enjoy something delicious to eat or drink, plus mix and mingle with some seriously adorable feline friends.

The goal of Mount Purrnon (besides upping your cute quotient for the day) is to reduce shelter crowding and find more loving homes for local cats. Kitties learn to socialize and play, and perhaps meet their human soul mate. Even if you’re not looking to adopt, you can help these loving animals become socialized, and just enjoy the simple pleasure of their company. Mount Purrnon offers fresh salads, breakfast bowls, and simple sandwiches, and plans to add a wine bar once their liquor license is approved.

Find Mount Purrnon in the heart of Old Town. Walk-ins are welcome when the café is not at capacity, or you can book a visit via the website.